Just Me

I smile thinking this is it.

Surrounded by family at last

But I don’t fit in, I don’t feel it

A puzzle and I am the odd piece

Trying to slot in but unable to

Talking and laughing while I sit and watch

Wonder and amazement at how I can’t

The words you say are familiar

Yet I am stuck in a trance unable to respond

It is like I am a stranger from outside

Coming in years down the line

The words are there yet there is no connection

I stand awkwardly while you stare

I can’t do this I am not able to

I try and try and each time I die

I watch a part of me break apart

Falling to the floor shattering

The sun shining off, a thousand shards of glass

As I look down at the broke piece

This is not me, I do not fit in

Yet even when i am trying it is like I don’t exist

You all talk I sit and watch

Amazement and wonder at how free you are

A family laughing talking

Then there’s me who is just sat waiting

Wondering when will you ask me?


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