A Parents Hate For A Child

How is it religion takes the higher hold

Choosing a god over a child that is born

How is it that your morals make you hate me?

The fact I am different and don’t fit in?

Since when did God say hate your child?

Since when did the world tell you to hate me?

Just because I am different it makes no sense

How do you sleep at night while I cry?

The thoughts whirling round inside

How can you walk with your head high

Then tell me I should die inside?

I am different I don’t fit in.

Since when did society make parents hate what their children become?

Since when did the teachers not have a say in their own lives?

Since when did the church condemn someone for loving?

We may be different but why do you hate us?

Just because we don’t fit in like you do

Just because we love the same sex as we are

Since when did parents not care enough about their child?

Since when did they decide what the gospel says should take priority over their kid?

We are not different, you and I

Very much the same, We both love with all our hearts

Our blood running red when we cut

Our heart beating just like each others

So why is it when we tell you we love the same sex you run?

Why do you turn you back because society says it is wrong?

Why do you say no and become ashamed because your church teaches it?

A mothers love should be unconditional yet you turn a blind eye

You walk away a disgusted look on your face

Because I am in love and it is not a love you agree with

How can you hate your own child for being gay?

The society around them already punishes them so why you?

A parents love should go further then a child’s heart

But for some it stops when they hear the word gay.



I am not saying all religious people are this way, however seeing it myself some do use religion as a excuse to run from a child just because they are gay!



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