Lovers rejection

Teasing seduction your words came to me

“Lots of play then sex”

My lips gently kissing your neck

The taste so luxurious I can’t stop.

Moving down your body your torso so perfect.

Kissing each part my mind screaming with love.

Reaching your shaft I slowly tease

The light shining bright inside my eyes

My want and need rising high

As I tease and tease to free me

My mouth working like a luscious machine

Making you explode while I taste your honey.

Kissing your lips pulling you to me

Ready for the next step but your brutal

Your rejection stings and I lay and wait

Waiting in silence watching you

Wondering when me?

The night begins the pass my sleepless eyes closing

As you sit and forget about me

My pout now real but useless

As you have what you wanted so why bother with me?

Rejection flooding through my veins

Bloody pulsing in vain

As I lay awake and wait for love

Yet the lovers rejection still burns


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