Joanna Part Three And Four Over 18’s


Joanna struggled to sleep that Friday night, She kept thinking about Miss Bellerose and what had happened! She should be shocked, sickened but she was not. She had never had a relationship before she had never had sex before, what happened that night made her want more.

Saturday she was so busy, she was packing ready to move apartments so by Saturday night she fell asleep no thoughts nothing.

“Oh mmm don’t stop” Joanna heard herself moaning she opened her eyes, seeing Miss Bellerose laid on the bed with her head in between her legs. Miss Bellerose was licking around Joanna’s clit flicking her tongue forwards and backwards making her scream with pleasure.

Joanna could not resist, She grabbed Miss Bellerose hair and forced her deeper into her pussy while grinding into her face.

She could feel it building it felt so amazing Miss Bellerose slide her fingers into her wet dripping pussy slowly moving her mouth up to her tits, she slowly sucked them into her mouth one at a time, enjoying the sweet taste.

Joanna slides her hand between Miss Bellerose legs and could feel moister, She wanted to taste her would it be weird?

Miss Bellerose moaned “Do what you please to me but you are not moving”

So Joanna slowly slipped her fingers into her pussy …..

OMG, she felt it the feeling before she felt her body tense, her mind getting dizzy her thoughts been scrambled. She moaned out loud as she came so hard and orgasmed just before waking up realising it had been a dream. Except her own hand was down her pants she had been playing with herself in her sleep. “What the heck was that,” She thought to herself as she laid there thinking about it until she fell back to sleep again.

Sunday was a blur anna struggled to concentrate on anything. How could one person get into your mind like that? To make you dream of them, make you literally cum in your pants while your sleeping, yet feel every bit of pleasure as if it was real? She didn’t know but she knew she wanted to feel that again.

Later that evening Joanna picked up the bag, She started going through the contents, A metal vibrator, A bullet, Lube, Handcuffs, Paddle nothing too bad, She then pulled out a long thing with like beads attached, She sat looking at them, then read the packaging, Anal beads…..At that point, she set them down feeling slightly ashamed. Next thing was 2 big metal balls they were heavy! Again reading the packaging it said Jingle balls. The last one, however, was the one she felt most ashamed of. A butt plug that also vibrated, how were these first toys she wondered? Ok, they are small actually they were smaller than most of the ones in the shop.

She decided to get a bath and leave it there. She felt so ashamed what would people think? She hid the bag under her bed had a bath and got some sleep.

7 am her alarm rang through the house, She slept so well last night she laid there for a moment enjoying the silence, then remembered it was her first day at the shop. She could feel the excitement as she jumped out of the bed, walking to her closet, She looked through her clothes she didn’t want to look boring today she wanted to feel amazing and like Miss Bellerose was staring at her for the right reasons. So she found an old small skirt and a slightly see through shirt.

Arriving at the shop she was met by the same lady as last time. However this time she came over “Hi Shy girl hope you don’t mind me calling you that it seems pretty fitting?”

“Erm no that is fine” Joanna mumbled looking around to see if she could see Miss Bellerose but she could not. “Look I am Jane I will be training you today helping you get to know where the stock is where the keys for the private rooms simple stuff today really,” Jane explained as she walked to the other side of the store. That day Joanna did not see Miss Bellerose at all she wondered if maybe she was been avoided? Maybe Miss Bellerose didn’t enjoy the other night as she thought more her mind kept going eventually she felt like she should hide!

As everyone was packing up getting ready to close the shop Miss Bellerose arrived,  Joanna stood staring the other girls whistled in the shop but Joanna just stood in awe she felt her pussy clench with excitement.

Miss Bellerose Sure made an entrance “What do you think ladies? Do you like? Can you sell this?”

The girls all started talking together “I could sell it if men saw it on you!” One laughed.

“Well, this is one of our new high-end outfits yes its 100% leather!” Miss Bellerose smiled doing a turn.

Joanna stood there frozen Miss Bellerose was wearing a full leather suit carrying a very large whip one from the red room but all she could think was how she wanted her to take it off!

“Joanna I need you to stay behind 10 minutes after the ladies leave Jane messaged me all the updates I would need regarding your first day” She smiled.

Joanna just nodded she could not move her eyes she had never seen anything so beautiful before.

The ladies left and Joanna sat down with Miss Bellerose it was very informal she was asking how Joanna found the day and any issues or questions.

“How did you find those toys this weekend?” Miss Bellerose Smiled at Joanna

“Erm, to be honest, I didn’t I looked but it just seems so weird I don’t think I can do it honestly each time I see something new I feel ashamed for even looking!” Joanna said Shyly

Miss Bellerose stood up “Follow me, Joanna,” she said in an abrupt voice.

Joanna followed her they went to a room that said Tamed. Joanna thought it was a room with more toys that were for someone like her who had never done anything like this before.

Walking into the room though it was not. There were a bed, a chair, a table, and toys, whips everything it was just like the red room but it had a fire in it that was lit.

Miss Bellerose Walked around getting a few things she came back to Joanna. “So you seeing them is what makes you feel ashamed right?” She asked

“Yes, it isn’t that I think it is wrong though I feel I will be judged” Joanna muttered.

“I really hate when you mutter Joanna I can not understand anything now strip” She ordered

Joanna looked was she really been serious? “Strip now Joanna, Your only way to get over this is to give yourself freely to me without seeing what is being used to help you experience the pleasure then you won’t be so worried next time you pick up one of the toys”

Joanna started stripping, she felt excited but so scared should she just bolt and forget the job? Then she remembered she said she would do the trial to help her be less shy!

After she stripped Miss Bellerose Placed a blindfold around Joanna’s eyes. Instantly the intensity grew she felt her pussy getting wet! She needed to get some control nothing had even happened. She still stood there in the room it was quiet Miss Bellerose was not saying anything.

Smack Joanna moaned Some hit her on her butt it didn’t hurt though it felt amazing it sent shivers through her body, Then again another one this time on her breast and she moaned out loud.

Joanna felt Miss Bellerose grabbing her hand and guiding her somewhere. She felt something going around her wrist it got tighter and then Miss Bellerose put her hands above her head and Joanna heard something click. She could not move she was tied to something above her. She felt a little freaked out until suddenly there was a sharp tap on her backside again Joanna’s knees went slightly as she moaned out loud.

Miss Bellerose Walked to the front of Joanna and started kissing her slowly moving from her breasts down to her silky wet pussy clearly begging for the attention. Miss Bellerose dug her head in and started licking Joanna felt weak her legs were shaking she was moaning so loud it felt amazing just as she about to cum Miss Bellerose stopped.

Joanna stood there for a minute in silence not been touched then suddenly a sharp tap across her arse again and she screamed with pleasure feeling her juices run down her legs.

She felt Miss Bellerose stood behind her and something cold going near her arse, She panicked was she really going to do it? Miss Bellerose Slide the first bead in and Joanna moaned, Then the second bead, third until all 5 beads were in Joanna’s arse.

Joanna felt fine thinking that was not too bad. Miss Bellerose walked around the front again slowly trailing her fingers along Joanna’s body before again sinking into her wet pussy and enjoying the taste. “Now tell me Joanna did you enjoy yourself again this weekend after i left?” Miss Bellerose asked softly between kissing her pussy.

Joanna out of breath muttered “Yes” To get a sharp slap from Miss Bellerose hand on her arse “I told you that you muttering really irritates me I can’t hear you” Miss Bellerose Said.
“Sorry, Yes I did,” Joanna said quickly. “Great and how did you do it walk me through it step by step” Miss Bellerose Lured

“I did not do anything it was a dream except the feelings everything it actually felt like it really happened,” Joanna said breathless still her mind went back to that day and she could feel the excitement growing her juices running she couldn’t stop herself from moaning slightly.

“Well, now Joanna that certainly sounds interesting what was the main focus? What brought you that pleasure?” Miss Bellerose Asked.

“You, I woke up imagining you in between my” Before Joanna could finish Miss Bellerose was licking fast on Joanna’s clit making her moan and scream….Then suddenly there was a feeling from inside her arse, It felt amazing was it vibrations? She had forgot about the beads she moaned her pleasure to good to contain Miss Bellerose was working her finger inside her delicious wet pussy while quickly licking her clit.

Joanna felt it rise Miss Bellerose could feel the difference in her body and picked up pace, Joanna screamed with pleasure her legs going from under her, and been held up by her hands tied to what ever was above her she felt something wet, Not like the normal wetness but like she had literly wet herself.

“Well Joanna I was not expecting you to squirt me in the face but even more delicious”



Joanna stood there unable to move hands still bound together and tied above her head.

“You see all your fears and doubts are in your mind you see something it scares you. You don’t see it then it pleasures you. Do you think seeing it would mean using it would not pleasure you? I highly doubt it” Miss Bellerose said moving up and slowly undoing the clip on and chain.

Joanna stood or rather wobbled for a second her hands still bound together she went to remove her blindfold to receive a sharp tap on her breast making her moan.

“Where in that sentence did I say take off your blindfold? I didn’t say it did I so why would you?” Miss Bellerose scolded.

“I was just going to look at you to answer, It feels weird not being able to see you while I respond it feels awkward not to see you” Joanna explained.

“See all in your mind Joanna you see a toy and freak out. You can’t see me when you respond and freak! You need to learn that seeing sometimes is not everything” Miss Bellerose Explained.

“Now that blindfold is staying there! I still have one more thing to try out on you don’t worry all these toys are new and you will not speak until I say or if it is urgent do you understand?” Miss Bellerose ordered.

Joanna stayed quiet and nodded but again she felt high she could not get the feeling out of her mind of not been able to see or do anything without being told! Why was that?

Joanna was slowly moved over the bed. What happened next she did not expect. She felt Miss Bellerose stroking down her right side and askshe reached her ankle her leg was pulled to the side and something wrapped around it. She was unable to move than her left ankle as well.

Her legs were spread apart not a lot but enough to feel self-conscious.

Next Miss Bellerose walked to the top while stroking her this time with something cold was it leather? Joanna could not work out what it was but she certainly could feel the warmth between her legs as her juices started to flow again. She was feeling horny again she felt like she wanted to beg to be pleasured.

Miss Bellerose Slowly unfastened her arms but then tied her left wrist out to the side above her head. Then the same with her right side it was like she was half way through a jumping jack on the bed. Then all of a sudden there was a clipping noise and she felt her legs going further and further apart and been stretched she was overcome with the pleasure of been so vulnerable.

Then the same with her arms. She laid there for what seemed like ages before she felt something cold slide over her breasts, she arched her back, her arms and legs could not move at all. Moaning in pleasure she started to bite her lip to stop from begging and pleading to be pleasured more.

The coldness travelled from one breast to the other circling the nipple before sliding down her stomach and sitting on her pelvic bone. There it slowly melted and dripped down her pulsing clit and already wet pussy. Then all of a sudden there was something hot been dripped on her tits, She moaned in pleasure and almost came at the sensation she could not see anything, she had no idea what was going on, Miss Bellerose was not speaking. She believed it was to show her, that  things can feel amazing without knowing or seeing them.

“First ice to cool the body, then hot body wax the pleasure is more intense when you do ice first,” Miss Bellerose said quietly.

Miss Bellerose got the leather whip again, Joanna had no idea what it was still and slowly stroked it over her body, She started at her foot up her leg to inside her legs before reaching her wet tender pussy and giving it a gentle smack with the leather whip. Joanna screamed out with pleasure unable to hold herself together any longer “Please just give me what I need” She pleaded.

Miss Bellerose giggled “Oh Joanna and what would that be? This?” She gave Joanna a quick sharp whip on her tits making her scream again.

“I want to cum I want you to make me feel pleasure like in my dream!” Joanna moaned out loud as Miss Bellerose kept teasing her with the whip.

“Ok, But do you give permission for me to do and use anything I want? I will only do it if you allow me that one permission” Miss Bellerose asked.

“Anything please, please” Joanna begged, panting wanting that feeling from her dream.

Miss Bellerose walked away grabbed something new, Joanna felt a nip on her nipple and then the other side. She was moaning in pleasure, The nipple clamps felt amazing she could not fight it she was so close.

Then she felt Miss Bellerose climb on top of her, She could hear straps been fastened she did not care what it was she wanted the pleasure she would give or do anything for it.

Suddenly she felt Miss Bellerose between her legs, Kneeling? She could not be sure but then suddenly Miss Bellerose leant forward and thrust Joanna screamed with pleasure begging “Yes please keep going” Miss Bellerose had a put on a strap on, She was seated perfectly in between Joanna’s legs. She started thrusting harder one hand pleasuring herself the other hand squeezing one of Joanna’s breasts.

Suddenly the clamps started vibrating on Joanna’s nipples she moaned wanting so much to grab Miss Bellerose and pull her down.

Miss Bellerose overcome by seeing her pleasure felt her orgasm coming on pounding harder and faster she moaned as she let go and let the orgasm take over now she had both her hands on Joannas hips holding her while she pounded so hard Joanna screamed with pleasure as the world around her changed she never felt the feeling before she moaned and felt her whole body relax and the pleasure took over her giving her the best orgasm she had ever had.

Miss Bellerose moved back, Pulling the strap on out of Joanna’s wet pussy. Before climbing on top of her so her own pussy was above Joanna’s mouth.

“I am going to move down I want you to lick me taste what I taste like and enjoy it for a few second”

At that moment Miss Bellerose lowered her head into Joanna’s pussy to taste her beautiful juices as she lowered her own pussy onto Joanna’s mouth.

Joanna licked, she loved the taste she wished she could grab Miss Bellerose legs and pull her down further.

But before she could Miss Bellerose was up off the bed. Going round untying her “Now you can take the blindfold off” Miss Bellerose ordered.

Joanna looked on the bed where the strap on was her face was a mixture of pleasure and shock! She should care but she didn’t it felt amazing!

They each got dressed and left, Joanna went home to think about it and exactly what it meant to her, her family would not be supportive that is one thing she knew, so for now she would enjoy this without anyone else knowing.


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    Damn! That was really hot. Well written also!


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