Dragged to hell

You had me fooled

Wickedness and hatred

Sitting on your throne of lies

As you dragged me through hell

My body crippling from the pain

Mind screaming agonising in pain

I close my eyes and pray this is not it

My hands clasped together body shaking

You seem so kind and perfect

The light from the moon on a dark night

The warmth of the sun on a breezy day

I crumble to my knees, hands tight together

Praying that the lord will give me justice

The world around me crazy and disruptive

Happiness torn from inside me as I try to build it

My prayer giving me hope in the darkness of the night

Tears falling evaporating before hitting the floor

The meaningless behind them as no one can see

The tears that fall are only for me

I look in your wicked eyes and ask you why?

Drag me through hell and back again

Tell me you love and care for me

But then turn your warm smile to a wicked glare

As you rip away my layers taking my hope

The love inside torn apart

Lifeless body sprawled on the ground

Unable to move or be free

I clasp my hands together and pray

Forgiveness and justice so I can escape

Because this mind is nothing but a danger

A monster waiting to drag me to hell

But then it says it loves me.



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