Childish Heart

Large heart, smiling face

Playful heart, wild and free

Broken heart the last piece full of love

The ghost of my past will come to haunt me

Grown body, aching soul

Childish mind, wanting to fly

Forced into adulthood to quick

The childish possessions put away.

While the heart is still playful

Yes my heart is broken

A life of lost love and hurtful ways

People wanting to take you down

Lifes to short to be dragged down

Painful sorrows, wind whistles as it blows

Coldness spreading across the ocean

Over taking me as I look at you

My childish heart wanting to be free

I may be broken but I am me

My head may be fucked up but I am me

I will fight every day to survive.

Closing my eyes and pretending I can fly

My childish heart, free to play at last

Eyes closed, remaking me childhood

The laughter, the joy, the I can be astronaut

I will fight for my life, ignoring the haters

The haters won’t make me waste my life.




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