Crushed pills with a knife

Crushed pills and a knife

I consider my life

Is it really worth getting dragged down?

See, I have had my highs and my lows

I have had my downfalls

My broken bones

Shattered dreams and broken childhood

I have held on and had to let go

Memories that bleed red

Warzones replaying within my head

A misery you would never expect

I have fallen down

I get back up to fight again

Then there is you

My life’s only weakness

I run from you but I can’t outrun you

I fight every day

Turning black and blue

Pain and torture as I walk across glass

Just to try and escape you

Bags of sand falling onto me

More weight to carry every day

Showing my baggage building up with each day

I fight with each breath no matter what I still get up

Why don’t you just stay down?

I look at the crushed pills, a knife next to me

Which would make me stay down?

I get back up and brush myself off ready to fight again

I have been through worse

I see you there and I lick my wounds

I carry on fighting pushing through

Your there no matter what my only weakness

The only thing that can make me fall

Crushed pills, a knife next to me

My only weakness shining through

A red rose turned black as I look at the bottle

The crushed pills waiting to be taken

I fight back, your my only weakness

I push through and let go of the past

It holds me hostage in my own mind

When I try to forget it comes back with vengeance

You attack me and there I am with crushed pills and a knife

Holding the gun to my head I cry

Considering is this the only option to escape you?

Does this world really need me?

Another mentally unstable person making the world a bleak place

I fight back each time, your my weakness

Your my mind!



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