A motherless Child.

Wonder and pain, tiny eyes and hearts

How could you leave, just like that!

We loved those weekend visits

Then they stopped, you chose you over us!

Why did you leave so suddenly?

Why did you lose love for us so quickly?

I look back now and realise you didn’t know my mummy

I sit in a room with you today and we are like strangers

You don’t even know me, who am I anyway?

Why would you leave us.

How could you chose you over us?

A childhood wasted and gone without a mum there to love

A relationship I long for that I know I will never have

I look around and miss that relationship

How when I never even had that relationship?

Those days we watched him struggle to feed us

A loan after a loan while you lived in luxury

I look back and miss my mum a mum I never remember having

Why would you leave us?

How could you choose you over us?

I sit next to you and wonder who are you?

I can’t remember a mother who ever really cared

A relationship I will never have with you

Because you don’t even know me or what I do

You interest goes as far as you

If you even try to act interested it is a illusion

because within a minute it is all about you

We sat there night after night waiting for you to come

You never came those weekends turned into months then into years

It can go months without you even saying hello

Why won’t you even say hello!

Why would you leave us?

How could you chose you over us?

A mothers love is not unconditional

I have learnt that the hard way that I will never have a relationship with the mother I have

You taught me a lot though I look at my kids and think why?

What would life be without my children?

How could you just walk away if a mothers love is unconditional?

I look at my children and I am thankful you walked away

The fear of turning out like you made me a stronger mum

A mum who did not want her kids to experience the hurt I felt as a child crying for her mum

You try to be a mum now, but it is to late

We had 30 years and it is 30 years to late

When all you can still think about is yourself

When all you do is walk over us and choose yourself.




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