Teaching Joanna Not To Be Shy OVER18’S!

So, this is going to be a story, but posted in sections! Here is part one and part two! please note Adult content!

Joanna walked towards the building she was nervous and felt like she should turn around or run straight past. To Hot To Handle she wished they posted that in the job vacancy. As shy as she was there was, walking away was something that she felt more nervous doing.
Walking into the building she could feel her face getting hotter and redder, she could guess her face was crimson red, she had never been in a sex shop before certainly not one like this. There were chains hanging from ceilings, Lingerie’s with peepholes, Whips, the list was endless. Joanna concentrating that hard on where she was did not notice the women walk towards her until she was stood right there.
“May I help you?”
“I am here for a interview” Joanna responded, looking around anxiously.
“Right this why Miss Shy” The young lady laughed.
Joanna puzzled as to why she called her Miss Shy? Maybe it was because she could see it was not an environment that she is used to, or the fact her cheeks were burning and giving her thoughts away.
She was led down a hall to a door.
Going inside she saw a lady stood next to a desk. She almost forgot where she was the women was that beautiful flawless and hot.
Joanna in a world of her own like she normally is almost jumped when the lady talked.
“Please come in and sit down I am Miss Bellerose”
Joanna moved quickly. The first part of the interview was easy basic things like have you worked in sales before, what would you do in this situation with a customer and so on Joanna felt sure to get the job at this rate.
Then the question Joanna was not expecting came “Have you ever used any of the toys we sell or any for that matter?”
Joanna once again feeling her face go red her blush answering for her, but she still replied “No sorry I have not”
“Do not be sorry, in a way this is a good thing. As you will know from the ad we ask our staff to test products ,you get to keep them obviously. You been new to this is good in some ways you can test the toys for new sex beginners. Most of my staff had tried and tested so many they can not remember their first toys. You will be good for customers buying their first toys” Miss Bellerose Smiled.
“That I guess sounds fine however, I am not keen on sex toys so to me they all freak me out and I have no idea what one to use or what ever you do with them” Joanna mumbled
“Do not worry Joanna we will find the perfect toy for you that is if you want to job after the tour”
Joanna followed Miss Bellerose as she explained the different toys in the store. She then began to take her back down to hall Joanna though she was just going back to the office when Miss Bellerose stopped at the first door.
“These rooms are the ones for customers looking for inspiration. From time to time customers may come in and select items if you think they would be interested you introduce them to the rooms”
” This room is the small items out of packaging customers can come in here and try products by that Joanna I do not mean use them but turn them on see how they work and function not for insertion not to bad right?” Miss Bellerose giggled
“No it was not what I was expecting” Joanna smiled expecting a room full of chains and whips.
The next room was similar. But it had a bed in with restraints attached maybe 3 different ones. Joanna could see why this should was the biggest and most successful it certainly let customers see what it would be like in their own room. Again nothing to bad a few paddles and small whips nothing major.
After the first two rooms she felt happy and willing to go into the third.
Joanna was speechless bright red room, dim lighting and she could not move any further.
“This is our main room our biggest and best customers often visit her to see new items and how they work. What do you think Joanna?” Miss Bellerose said as she turned
Joanna stood still unable to move or talk another minute passed and Joanna finally remember to speak.
“I can see why your best customers keep coming back” Joanna said quietly.
She walked into the room to where Miss Bellerose stood. There was maybe 4 sex swings set up, about 100 sex toys, hundreds of whips and paddles hung on the wall even large ones that looked bigger then her. Then there was chains hooked into the ceiling and walls.
Joanna was relieved when they headed back to the office. They finished up the interview with a few questions.
Joanna accepted the trial figuring if anything it would help her stop been so shy.
Before leaving a girl around the same age as her came in and handed her two bags. “Your toys to test, don’t be afraid of them if there is anything your unsure about you can ring me my mobile is in there any that are to scary leave for another day. Thank you for the interview and see you Monday morning Joanna” Miss Bellerose smiled
“Thank you” Joanna said as she walked out
Now she was home looking through the stuff she wondered what to start with and how? She decided to dial the number Miss Bellerose had given her.
After explaining her worries Miss Bellerose said not to worry she would be right there.
Joanna sat waiting for her to arrive each second getting more intense and more turned on why was she getting horny she did not understand.
Then the sound she was waiting for happened a knock at the door. She opened it there looking as amazing as before stood Miss Bellerose ” Well lets see if we can sort this sex toy virgin out” She smiled.


Miss Bellerose walked straight past Joanna asking which way to her bedroom.

Joanna pointed her to a door at the end of the hall and followed. As they got in the room Joanna watched as Miss Bellerose looked through the toys

“hmmmm This one” Miss Bellerose smiled.

“Now its almost very simple to use but has many features. You see the 4 buttons for 4 things. Red to turn on and off. Green to change the rhythm the vibrator throbs and vibrates. Up is to put the speed up down is obviously down how does that sound so far Joanna?” Miss Bellerose asked.

“It sounds fine however I have no idea what that bit on the front is for” She exclaimed.

“Ahh you see that is a girls best friend name it what you want that little thing will vibrate on your clit and make your orgasms much stronger and cUM faster well for most anyway” She answered.

Joanna felt her face getting warmer and redder but for some reason kept looking at Miss Bellerose and her breasts poking out still she was still in the clothes she was wearing at the shop.

“Ok I think I got it” She mumbled walking towards the bed.

She sat on the end waiting to see if Miss Bellerose walked out or asked anything else but now all she could think about was Miss Bellerose undressing her and using the toy on her.

“You seem nervous shall I help?” Miss Bellerose asked in a teasing way.

“Errrrm……I am not sure I would be comfortable with that I have never do anything with a women before” She stuttered

“Don’t worry Joanna” Laughed Miss Bellerose “I am not going to expect anything back just for you to lay back and enjoy surely that would be fine? At any point you can say stop”

“I guess that sounds fine” She muttered quietly but still unmoving, her heart pounding faster and heard inside her chest, a runaway train threatening to escape.

Miss Bellerose moved in front of Joanna kneeling down she slowly spread her legs so she was positioned in between them. She slid her fingers down Joanna’s shirt while slowly unbuttoning them and slightly running her finger down her chest as she did.

Joanna, began moaning from the touch, her senses screaming for more.
When all the buttons were undone she slide her hands back up from her waist over her breasts and slide the shirt down her arms till it fell on the bed.

Joanna almost forgot to breath she could feel wetness in her pants she could feel a urge and want for something she had never felt before.

At that point Miss Bellerose knelt up more her breast almost in Joanna’s face Joanna could almost smell her taste she wanted to put her face on her breast and smell them lick them taste them more then anything she ever wanted.

At that point she was pushed back onto the bed. Already with her shoes off, Miss Bellerose slide her hands down Joanna’s body and down to her skirt along with her pants and slowly pulled it down to the floor. Joanna now felt totally vulnerable laid naked with only stockings and a bra on but it felt so good.

Miss Bellerose slide her head slowly in between Joanna’s legs and gently licked along her clit. Joanna jumped and almost came at the sensation it was like nothing she had ever felt. But before she could do or think anything Miss Bellerose was licking her harder and faster. Then she felt something cold it slowly pieced into her wet dripping pussy and slide further in. She could feel something cold against her clit at the same time and then all of a sudden vibrating the sensation from it was traveling through her body.

She was getting hot wet and moaning she was struggling to think, to remember what she was doing but she loved the feeling, She felt something building up in her looking down she could see Miss Bellerose one hand on the vibrator and her other hand between her own legs rubbing. Oh that was it at that moment she exploded the sensation of the toy and seeing Miss Bellerose with her legs spread and her fingers rubbing and pushing in and out of her pussy was to much to handle.

It was amazing the best feeling she had ever had. But Miss Bellerose was not finished Joanna went to stop her and sit up but was pushed back down, instead of resisting Joanna laid there enjoying the sensations of an amazing orgasm and watching Miss Bellerose pleasure herself.

She felt it again the building the intensity her back arced and she could hear Miss Bellerose moan between her own moans. Now Miss Bellerose was also working the vibrator pushing it in and out quickly making Joanna scream with pleasure then it happened. She heard Miss Bellerose moaning in pleasure she looked between her legs and could see her juices running down her fingers at that point Joanna gave in to the pleasure she had never had such an amazing orgasm it was better then the one she just had.

Miss Bellerose moved up and she could feel the vibrating getting slower and slower till it stopped and Miss Bellerose removed it. She grabbed a packet off the bed and took out a wipe and cleaned the vibrator then her fingers.

“May I use the bathroom?” She said standing.

Joanna speechless, from a experience she would never forget, nor ever thought would happen, she was still numb from pleasure she just nodded.

Miss Bellerose walked out the room Joanna felt a smile on her face and happiness she had never felt before.

She decided to get up and sort herself and her clothes out getting dressed. What was she meant to say? Thanks, surely that is wrong? She would love to say lets arrange another date to play but could she really?

Miss Bellerose interrupted her thoughts as she walked back into the room and picked her very thin lacy knickers up off the floor and put them back on.

“You see it is not bad at all just pleasure. I am sure you can use the rest yourself if you need a hand just call I am happy to come again and walk you through the other sex toys and butt plugs maybe even bring something else to try together” She laughed.

“I am sure I will be fine but if I do feel I need help I will be sure to call you” Joanna smiled.

She showed Miss Bellerose out and agreed to see her at work on her first day if not needed before hand.

Joanna laid in bed looking at where Miss Bellerose was knelt pleasuring her and herself at the same time. She wanted it again but she wanted to pleasure Miss Bellerose could she really ring her tomorrow and ask for her again? Surely not but the more Joanna thought about it the more Joanna wanted it……..

Part three and four here


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