Imposters Mothers Light.

I am caught in the middle, two worlds coming into one.

Fist clenched around the blade of a knife.

Pain flowing, as blood drips down, I sit on the ground

My eyes watching the bones, of skeletons all around

Their voices, like a violent windstorm shouting me out

The only light flickering a voice from within talking

“Stay with me” Such a sweet voice, my mothers murmur.

My eyes stare at the light, feeling love coming from the warmth glow

Mind screeching to a holt, reminding me that is not my mother

An imposter holding me here hostage, since when would my mother be here?

The skeletons outside, shriek so loud, fear builds inside me

Steps across the floor, the boards bending and creaking, as the skeleton approaches me.

Confused, wild, losing control, how did the skeleton get ins here?

Bending down, it shrieks in my face, my heart stopping the room falling silent.

The only light inside, escaping through an open window.

Inviting more skeletons in, each one shrieking at me, pinning me against the floor

My mind fails, pushing me towards the exit, I see the line

Two worlds coming into one.

If I step over the pain will be gone, if I stay then pain will keep playing

My heart, my mind, my soul, a battlefield asking my why

Each one wants to decide, a path to take my body down, with me dying inside.





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  1. I know this decision. Beautiful and morosely written. I liked it.


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