Why, I will never buy from Amazon EVER AGAIN!

What a load of hassle that has lead to me not ever wanting to order from Amazon again, now most of my food shop average £140 a week goes to amazon, plus extras I buy each week for presents, house etc.


First issue, Christmas I ordered my dad a game, I paid using his card, didn’t save it, 2 weeks later they charged him and me for my amazon prime?  They refunded after cancelling my prime twice by not listening!


5th, April payment Kindle Unlimited taken, no KU on the 13th so contact them, I get told that I cancelled the membership but didn’t remove payment details so they still take money?  Crazy right! Anyone sorted he added the month back on accepting the issue because I never cancelled it.


Today, I log back on, no KU again, first person says my bank force cancelled my subscription and asked for a refund (no chat transcript yet just waiting for it)  told me to call the bank.

Called the bank they told me it was a lie, they would only cancel it if I rang and requested, they checked anyway and no nothing was put through and there was no refund issued.  Now notice neither of these two said no payment was taken from my on the 5th.


Third person I spoke to said just that, He said on the 13th they requested the money for Kindle unlimited and bank declined.

He said on the 5th that was prime payment and on the 12th it was Kindle unlimited which my bank refused to pay.

I pointed out no my bank shows the prime is on the 12th and kindle 5th.  To be told no kindle is the same date every month the 12th and prime is the 5th every month, yet before he pointed out it was the 13th?  Clearly messed up, yes I swore because I have proof I paid!  Told me check your email you will have a email from the 13th saying payment declined by bank, phone beeps new email today saying billing issue?


Next person also refused, then cancelled my prime as well that I just paid for! kept saying no payment was taken on the 5th and I was wrong.


So now I am £7.99 out of pocket from Kindle unlimited and £7.99 from the prime, and there is not a chance I will use it again, I would rather pay full price for things else where then use amazon!



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  1. That is crazy! so sorry for your experience


    1. It is fine, it is a shame I have used them for years, but the amount of mistakes and lies in the last month not worth the hassle.

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