Love Destroyed You

I can’t stand the sound, I hear the glasses breaking as I lay under my bed.

Your scream is so painful it is dragging me down, a painful pull on my tiny life.

Please don’t let her take us, we don’t want to leave you behind.

This is meant to be our shelter, but it is like a battle field from WWI

There is no escape for our tiny souls, we can only hide and watch.

Fear growing in our veins, never knowing what true love is.

When will it end?  We don’t want to be taken away.

I look at the family picture, and wonder if we can just fake it like we do on those days?

I look around, destruction grinding us all down, no where to escape is this the only escape?

I know you didn’t mean those words, the heated argument made you say them.

My heart breaks as you say goodbye, the final straw has snapped under the pressure.

Your tears falling into a pool on the floor, as we beg and ask you why?

Love destroyed our family, yet my heart never learnt what love was.

I don’t want that love, I don’t want it to destroy me like it did my daddy.

Our tiny bodies walking away, hands waving goodbye, as she took us away.

What we thought was the end of WWI was just the start of WWII with no escape

It is meant to be our shelter, but it is a place of torture, a torture we can’t run from, so no one there to teach us how to love.


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