A frozen child

Fury burning deep, eyes red and menacing

The voice still echoing around me, I am frozen from it like it holds some sort of powers

Loud and frightening, a reminder your in control, a reminder I have no control

I look around, only with my seeing eyes, and see others just like me

Frozen in place, unable to move, as if your waiting for an excuse

A bowl fell on the floor, the reason for our fear, the reason for our frozen statues

A simple mistake, that turned into a fright show we are now part of that show

I feel the adrenalin in my veins but I am unable to escape.

I wait for you to walk away, my eyes following as you leave.

I breath for the first time in a minute, count to 10 and take my escape

Stepping quietly so that you don’t hear, I sneak out the room and to my shelter

I sit there and wait for the calm to come back after your storm

Why am I afraid? Your words where not pointed at me

Your voice sending ricochets around freezing me, like your powers have a hold on me

A voice that has child, scared instantly, feeling locked in time

My mind regressing, trying to hide that memory from inside

The pain I feel scratching through my body as I cry

The fear never leaves, your voice still here inside of me

Never letting me be free, reminding me your in control of me.

My heart frozen, unable to freeze to scared from what it see’s


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