Friday 13th, No Such Luck!

So, when I planned I didn’t think it through well, because I put book two on pre-sale to release today, Friday 13th!  Now, usually I would be hysterical thinking I have doomed my book, I released it on Friday 13th, what sort of person does that?


Well me, sure it may be Friday 13th, but that doesn’t me I won’t have luck and the only luck coming my way would be bad luck.


So here it is book two! A quick recap of what happens!

Alena, gets ready to say goodbye to Jackson, with him leaving soon on a mission she and him spend nearly the whole week in his play room.  He pushes Alena, further then he has ever pushed her before.

He proposes, she of obviously say’s yes, and he leaves which gives her two weeks to plan their wedding for when he returns.

Sure enough, the day comes and no one has seen Jackson, but having faith in him, she goes to the church anyway, and see’s him stood there waiting for her.  They share a passionate night, and the day after get some unexpected news or rather a few unexpected news comes their way.

With Jackson leaving again to finish the Mission Alena is left at home, Liam and Georgina moving in to support her.

Sure enough, Jackson does no return, and nearly 7 months later after Alena gets into a relationship with Liam, Jackson reappears to steal her back.

They share a wild late honeymoon together, where Alena is exposed in more ways then one, and someone has a camera waiting to post it online.


Seductive Vibrations Book Two

A Tingle Too Far click the book image to be taken to amazon.

BDSM is within this book including S/M

a tingle too far bookcover

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