I See You

I see those pictures, beautiful pictures smiles and laughter

I see the posts, the talking the banter the fun you share

I see the time you spent together

I see the effort, the effort you make to see each other

Then there is me, just little old me

Here alone wondering when is it my turn?

I see the beautiful family pictures on facebook and wonder

When it is my turn?

I see those nights out, the fun the laughter shared on facebook

I wonder when is it my turn?

I sit here alone, days after days sometimes it can be weeks

Often enough  it can be months, I am sat here alone

No family coming around not even a sound

I watch as you share those perfect moments

Me missing out, never there to share them

I wait and wait for just a message

“Hey how are you”

The phone is always silent

The family to busy to notice me over here in the corner

I feel so far away, yet I am so near

I am sat here watching you share those family memories

The family memories I am never a part of

I am always on my own.

Until that day, just that one day

I see your name on my phone and my heart leaps

Then I read and it is not you caring about me

It is you looking for help when does it take you needing help?

Why can’t you text and ask how I am?

Why is it easier to wait till you need to ask for my help?

Growing up surrounded by people I felt so alone

The people in my life to busy to notice a child crying

Now I am an adult I am no longer surrounded by those people

I feel just as alone as the child did.

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  1. Wow very moving piece


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