Opened bottle

Half empty bottle and a cigarette

I slur my words, my legs unable to go forward

Body swaying from side to side

I start to shout throwing my hands about

Hitting and kicking throwing everything

I pass out on the floor, and awake within an hour

I grab another bottle and drink some more

My body caving as I destroy it with the deadly poison

I fall asleep with a bottle in my hand

I wake up to grab a bottle in my hand

I am conforming to how you are

My body struggling to cope with the pressure

My heart longing to be loved

My mind preying it will be noticed

I conform to how you all are

A bottle when I wake and another after

More and more until I fall to floor

I am like all of you now, so I must fit in?

I slur and shout and give abuse

I fight and swear to get more money for another bottle

My body throwing itself at you with violence and hate

because I want another bottle

I have conformed to how you are

I am just like you so I must fit in?

No matter how on edge I am

No matter how lonely I become

No matter how much my mind tortures me to become like you

So I have someone there who wants me around

I will never open up that bottle that destroyed my childhood

I would rather live a lonely life on edge every day

Waiting for you to notice I am part of your family as well.

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