With Plum Review

Now, I am very wary and cautious when it comes with anything that requires bank details.

When I came across With Plum a few months ago, I was worried it was a scam of course I was as they require your banking log in!  Alarm bells screaming, and telling me run, fast!

Let’s be honest, if we all ran and never looked into things half the things we do today I wouldn’t have done before, so I did what I always do, I researched the hell out of With Plum worrying that it was a scam.


So what I found out?  The savings you save with Plum are held in a barcleys savings account, which means if the With Plum goes bust, you can still get your savings back from Barcleys!

So that for me was a good thing, I spent ages checking and also talking to Barcleys to confirm yes anyone who saved using With Plum the money was infact in a barcleys account.


So why use With Plum and not just save yourself?  With Plum is more then a savings, so much more.

Every morning I get a message on facebook messenger from With Plum giving me a update on my bank, the current balance.

I also weekly get a breakdown of my spending that week, they automatically detect how much I can afford to save that week and save it for me!

There is also the option to invest, now with any investments there is a risk, but you don’t have to invest if you don’t want to, I have not.

So then I also find out, you can earn £25 for every 3 people you successfully refer!

So those who are fed up of logging into your bank on a morning to see your balance, or fed up of clicking button after button on your banking to see a detail breakdown of where your money went.  Plum is for you! Click the image to be taken to their website.  Now you do need a UK postcode to join so those outside the UK won’t be able to.1.png

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