No happy poems

I do not know how to mix poetry and happiness

My vocabulary is limited to doom and gloom

Darkness and hate, destruction and pain

A life full of hurt, a life full of shattered dreams

A child growing up, with nothing but darkness surrounding them

A adult pushing that darkness away, but getting sucked in

There is no escape, there is no happiness

My poetry might be melancholia, and my poetry might be depressive

I can’t write happiness, and laughter and cheer

My life has not seen enough happiness to turn it into words

My poetry reflects life, the life of a child lost and alone

The life of a child, seeing violence and drugs and not rock and roll

The life a teen who ran and ran to escape it but failed in school due to lack of sleep

A life of a teen, with no support going into woman hood, asking the counter assistant for advice a mother should give.

The life of an adult still battling the darkness that plagued the child

The life of an adult who struggles to breath through the dark fog as it pushes more darkness on them

So my poetry will never be happiness and cheer

It will remain sorrowful and wicked

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