Black Fog

Poem from when I was 15 written about a house fire when I was 11


Toxic smoke, breathed in, lungs screaming for oxygen

Small eyes wide open but blinded the dark fog hiding the atmosphere around me

Little hand reaching out, guiding my body to safety.

The darkness never left, my eyes unable to see, small hands rubbing eyes hard begging to see

Razor sharp pain traveling down my throat as I fight to breath in oxygen through the thick fog

My nose bleeding from the blackness it has inhaled

I reach outside, and look back towards the catastrophe

My eyes finally seeing, the poison that wanted us to die

The burned wall, set alight, from an enemy

My child eyes watching as the smoke poured out the openings of the house

Like it, itself was trying to fight for oxygen

The time came to walk inside, my little feet carrying me

Knees clanking and shaking in the cold, but not from being cold

Fear rippled through me, I lay there in bed, unable to sleep

The thoughts of the fire that wanted to destroy me

Running free in my mind, telling me if I sleep it will take me.





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