No race, just slow

Lying down together, going slowly

My mind wanting to rush, but my body wants it slowly

Your voice husky and perfect whispering in my ear

The words of sexual fantasies teasing me

I hear them tempting me to give in to the need

I lay and await for you to come to me


Your hand slowly stroking up and down

My mind screaming out to be pleasured right now

I shake my head and tell the thoughts to go away

I want to spend this time being pleasured slowly

This really is not a race

So why rush to the finishing place


You hand rubbing down my body

Grasping my thigh tightly and pulling

My leg wrapping around you side as

Your hand grasps my ass and pulls me closer

The feel of your hard cock between us

Your mouth nibbling my hear titillating me


My head tilts back, hoping your tongue explores me

My neck craving the attention

My lips gently kissing down to my neck

Your mouth devouring the tease of me

As my moan escapes my lips

Your cock growing harder between us


Your mouth mumbling against my collar bone

“I am going to fuck the hell out of you”

My sex pulsing at the thought

The wetness gathering showing my wanting need

The pleasure scolding my veins

Looking for a escape


You are my escape, the release I need

Your hard shaft pushes inside of me

As you pin me to the bed taking my freedom

I moan from the thrill as your hips move

Your hand pinning mine above my head

Your body restraining me sexually


Your hips moving faster, as your pound harder

My moans getting louder, letting you hear my pleasure

I feel myself on the edge ready to slip over at any moment

My head throws back as the pleasure ripples through us

Our orgasms pushing our souls out of our bodies

As we collapse on each other breathing heavily.


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