Take Control

This is a part of book three, edited for the blog so it doesn’t give away a full scene in the book.


Alena has just set her final university exams and got into the car with Jackson and Georgina.



No one talking, the silence just adding to the deadly thoughts within my mind.

The car stopped, I got out walking straight inside, I needed my freedom.

I needed my freedom from my life, and I need it now.

I walked into the playroom, the room he changed for me, I stripped and stood waiting.

I hear his footsteps coming into the room, the sign he was here, total blackness over took me as his blindfold covered my eyes.

“What do you want?”  That is an easy question to answer, I knew what I needed never mind what I wanted for a change I knew what I needed, had he asked this in the car the answer would not be so simple.

“To feel free, to not have to think about life, to give myself up completely so I have no control”  I stood quietly waiting begging for him to touch me, to take full control of our lives.

The restraints wrapped around my wrists, pulling tighter and tighter making sure I could not escape, he led me away, I followed, his hands lifting mine up, as they clicked onto the hoop.

No longer in control of my body I stood there, arms up high waiting and longing for his touch.

I felt the sting across my ass as his riding crop hit, I moaned feeling more free my mind letting go.

I felt the worries of the exam leave my mind, the worries of parenthood, the worries of the world of this life I am forced to live I felt it all drift away as his crop hit again and again against my ass.

The riding crop hitting my breast, I moaned going onto my toes, begging for more, as he hit my stomach I moaned and then it hit on my clit I lost control, moaning out loud.

Closing my eyes, although I was already in darkness from his blindfold, I felt free, like I had no worries, no control, and no choices to make in this moment.

He kept going, his riding crop teasing, hitting, and striking me in a way that made me lose control, but at the same time feel free, like I had no choice but to let life pass em by in this moment.

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