Face withdrawn, darkened eyes

Fingers see-through bones showing

Mouth drawn down, eye lids droopy

Hurt and pain, sadness and weight

Hair a fountain of mess, eyes a fountain of tears

I stare and wonder who the person is

Years of misery on the face, weight pushing shoulders down

Shoulders slumped forward.

The picture of sorrow, and hurt

Eyes screaming to be free, I wonder who is she?

The vision of pain, and a destroyed soul and soul that can’t escape

I wonder who is she?

I raise my hand, to touch their face, I wonder will they break?

My hand touches, the face it cold, smooth and cold.

The mirror between us blocking my touch.

I feel a tear drip from my eye

I wonder how I can save this girl

Seeing her own tears flow

There is no helping her, there is no escape

I am stuck in the shell, the shell of a body that I can no escape

The mind of the body I can not escape

I look at the reflection and realise I am looking at my shell

My body but my soul does not match.

Crumbling into pieces like stone

While my soul tries to escape the damaged remains that is this shell.




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