Pure ecstasy

Sitting down, hands on knees, while you watch me

Hands feeling clammy, as my knees rattle anxiously

Your hand slides up my thigh slowly taunting me

Fingers burying deep inside me

You place my hand over my mouth muffling me

As the waiter walks by carrying empty glasses

The clink against each other, hiding the sounds of my rattling knees

Fingers moving quickly, pushing deeply spreading me

Moans of pleasure escape my lips, as I bit down on me

My tooth draws blood, lip pulsing painfully

Your fingers working faster inside of me

Wetness growing, as my honey drips down me

Moans of pleasure, sounding around the restaurant as you please me

Adrenaline building in my veins as I bed you to take me.

You remove your hand, grabbing me as you guide me into a quiet corner.

You hands grasping my butt as you lift me

Legs wrapping around your body, as the sweat drips from me

I moan and beg for you to take me, to pleasure me

You hard cock, pushes inside me, making me scream.

Heads turn to look at me, as your pounding inside me

Harder and faster, as my hand tries to muffle my own screams.

Fingers rubbing hard at my clit, making me scream

Watchful eyes on us, enjoying the show

As you grip my hair pulling it hard

Your lips teasing my collar bone and exposing me

Until we cum together and it is pure ecstasy

Sitting back down to eat like no one had being watching me.


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