Into oblivion

It was like two trains crashing into each other

The impact making them both lose balance

Falling onto the floor, the thud so loud you know you could hear it next door

We didn’t care, as our naked bodies rolled around there

Hearts beating so fast, it caused a nonstop earthquake in our chest.

Tempting lips kissing each others, the taste of pure divine heaven

Hands together, fingers entwined, locked together never to be free

Flesh touching flesh as the bodies become inseparable.

His cock pushing into her sex, as pleasure exploded around them.

Locked together forever, as their tongues tasted each other

Hips moving, moans growing as the earthquake in our chests kept going

Moans of pleasure echoing around the room, as need and want grows within them

Their bodies pleading for release from the feeling

Their pleasure building, looking for an escape, the sound of hips grinding

A hand grabbing an ass, as they become close to losing

Losing their minds in this moment of pure luxury

Her sex pulsing tightly around his hard cock.

Lightening streaking throughout their bodies

Creating a magnified of electricity

As his hips pound faster, his cock moving quicker

As they soar into oblivion together, collapsing into each others arms

Feelings the orgasms lasting effects.


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