Burning Strength

I almost had it all, then I was fooled

The happiness, the life, everything I ever wanted

Then I was fooled

I believed you was the only way to survive

I depended on you when times got hard

My mind begged daily for you as you was my escape

I was fooled, you was a monster inside of my head

I believed I was nothing without you.

I now have to find a way to become

The person you took away from me and hid.

You made me weak, weaker then ever

When ever you was around, I was cowering in the corner.

While I was weak, there was a strength building inside me

A strength that burned, and begged to be free

I stood up, for the first time in years

My eyes open and able to see clear again

Where did my life go? How was I such a fool to believe you?

I am now stronger. stronger on my own

I fight every day, that burning strength finding its way

A way to keep me fighting, a way to keep me moving

You was a monster in my mind, a monster that took over my soul

A monster that hide the real me behind a clone

I am now free, and fighting stronger every day on my own.

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