Final Covers And Breakdown of them

So I finally have the final covers, and all on Amazon!

I kept changing them to try match but making one at a time for a 4 book series isn’t the best thing.

So I spent hours finding the right pictures, and hours making the covers!  Here they are in order, with a small description about each one below!  Click the book cover to go to the Amazon page.




Before, talking about book one, I will explain a bit about the books all together, while they are erotica, they are also thrillers with a bit of action mixed into them.  The stories are written from my own person experiences from many, many years ago.

So, book one, well it isn’t the best, and honestly could use some tweaking it reflects the fact I have hidden this side of me, and by book four you can see how much I have opened up.  So with it that explained lets get into book one.


Alena, is a university student, she is twenty seven years old, and has escaped a domestic abuse relationship.  This relationship is reflected back on, not in details but to explain why she is so hidden, doesn’t go out, and doesn’t have many friends.

Alena lives with Liam, a friend from the same university and Georgina, one of her oldest friends, one who helped her through the terrible relationship she had with Max.

Jackson, is 33 years old, a navy seal and business owner, he is also Liam’s brother.  Jackson’s past is also briefly spoke about, not because it has effected him like Alena, but to open up to Alena about his past, his ex Caroline, had a still born baby, not longer after, she drove a car into a wall, killing his sister, escaping and not being seen since.


The book starts with Georgina forcing Alena to go out for her birthday, Liam is planning on kissing Alena.  Georgina and Alena meet Jackson for the first time that night, Alena is infatuated with him, but instantly dismisses the thoughts, seeing Georgina clearly likes him, and she doesn’t think she is a match at all.  However, Jackson offers to walk her home which she agrees to.

At the apartment, Jackson ends up kissing Alena, lifting her onto the kitchen side, and they begin to strip each other, just as her dress is down, and his shirt open, Georgina and Liam walk in, Jackson leaves, with Liam right behind him, warning Jackson to never go near Alena again.

He can’t stop himself, Alena and Jackson start a relationship, Alena, realises, no matter how much he gives her, she wants more, tying her to the bed, she begs for more, whips, gags, she still wants more.  Jackson takes it slow though, unsure how much she can handle.  He shows her how she can have her sexual fantasies with her business, and while most would run away, she ran towards it, resulting in her and Roxy sharing a passionate night together.

However someone from their past comes back, and Alena ends up in a painful situation, can Jackson rescue her and will she forgive him?


a tingle too far bookcover

Book two, with Jackson leaving in a week on a mission, him and Alena spend the whole week in his play room, pushing her further, while she still begs for more.  He proposes to her, and she happily agrees, and sets planning the wedding once he leaves for the date he is due back.

While he is on a mission, Alena see’s Roxy again, sharing a passionate night at their house.  On her hen party, they leave, going to Jackson’s business, Seductive Vibrations, to act out one of Roxy’s sexual fantasies.

The day comes that Jackson should arrive back, worried he won’t show up on time, she gets ready and heads to the church.  Walking down the aisle she see’s Jackson there waiting for her, when he turns she is shocked, shocked to see his face, battered and brushed but he tells her to wait and not spoil their day talking about it.  They had an amazing wedding day, and wedding night.

He goes to work the next day, while there Alena finds out she is pregnant, he comes home with his own surprise announcement, bending her over the desk, he goes to spank her.  Talking about how her and Roxy were intoxicated when they used the business, she blurts out about the pregnancy.  He then gets a call to say he has to leave that night for the mission, that didn’t go to plan, he says goodbye and doesn’t hurt two weeks later like he was meant to.

Five weeks later, the team arrive with devastating news, Marcus one of Jackson’s team mates, describes what happened, and that his body couldn’t be found, the funeral is planned, and Alena gets closer to Liam towards the birth of her and Jackson’s child, the day she goes into Labour, Liam by her side holding her hand, Jackson reappears.  Missing him, she obviously throws Liam away, not without guilt and welcomes Jackson back.  However the past is still there waiting to haunt them, Jackson has missed Alena, and they share a lot of erotic moments together.




Jackson has lost himself, no longer his dominate self that Alena loves, she struggles to bring him back, she tries to dominate him but fails, the only other option she can think of is to give herself up to him.

She tells him, she is his, he has total control, no hard limits, in fact no limits at all, everything she would say no to, he can do.  Unsure, she keeps pushing him, more and more, he finally lets go and does as she asks, however he goes to far, and she ends up running.  They finally have a honeymoon, however, someone followed them, taking every chance to take photos and videos of their sexual moments, eventually uploading them online.

Leaving to go home, after seeing them online, they get ready for the real world again, Jackson, though wants to try and get Alena to live out more of her sexual fantasies, and when the holds a surprise anniversary party, she is surprised by more then the party.

That night in their hotel room, there is more then just Jackson there, she realises another Man is in the room, Jackson tells her it is to help her build up to her fantasy, she agrees, and slowly realises how much she enjoys it, making her want more.



Book Four.

Jackson pushes Alena further, and she is finally ready to act out one of her biggest fantasies, he sits back and watches as she is pleasured by more than one man.

Someone however gets to jealous, but instead of confronting them, she hides it, getting closer, still enjoying their pleasure, waiting until the perfect moment.

Jackson and Alena, spend a lot of time in his playroom, and she finds she loves the side of him that made her run, now she is ready for it.

The jealous woman meets a guy, and they plot together, to get Jackson and Alena away from each other for the rest of their lives.


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