My demons hide

It is like darkness, and war

I fight it every day never making it to the door

My hands grab and grasp at any hope they can find

Hoping the light will come through to blind

Nothing works I keep fighting back

Every inch I get closer you hold me back

Your like a bear, holding a butterfly in the grasp

I am that butterfly, unable to free myself from your grip

I cry and fight, and feel the despair

Heart broken, longing for love and hatred in my eyes

I hate what I have become but my demons hide

I think they have left, I think I am finally fine

Then the darkness comes and brings them back to me

There is no escape no escape at all

I fight till my last breath, that breath breaks me down

I lay there on the ground shuddering among the crowd

They step around me like they can’t see

I cry and pray to the lord to take me

People watch and step over me, not a care for who I might be

Their only care is getting past me

I lay alone, while the bear grips me tight

Giving the demons access to me while I try to get free

I see others just like me

struggling to free themselves from the grasp of the bear

I wonder how we got this far

I wonder how this is fair?

Everyone stepping over us smiles on their faces

While we lay here broken and in pieces

Just wanting someone to take notice.



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