Fight for alfie

In despair we fight

Our hearts breaking throughout

We listen and learn

one by one

no-one agrees with us

We have a army fighting with us

This army is fighting hard

But no matter how big the army gets

You hit back hard

How much must we fight?

How much must we shout?

When will you realise?

You are knocking us down?

We should have the final say

We should say life or death

Who are you to chose

How can you blackmail parents?

Get away with it?

And still sentence him to death?


For Alfie, fighting a battle with thousands at his side, while the world rips away every bit of hope the parents have.


Find Alfies army on facebook, support him, and end his life sentence, he is just a baby!  I don’t normally ask, but please, please, reblog, the hospital have now refused to let people hold Alfie until the parents agree to turn off his machine!