A poem for the runaways

It’s 5 o’clock and I am looking at the door I start to panic and feel like I will fall to the floor.

I look at my phone and dial your number, but there is no answer there is just wonder.

I panic and worry, I look on your Facebook nothing has changed nothing has updated.

I call your friends I call their parents, but no one knows, and no one sees you.

Sitting shaking as I begin to cry I wonder what if and feel myself die.

I call the police I beg them to come I say I don’t know what to do I feel so numb!

I open Facebook I put your picture there I plead and beg with the world to please, please, share!

Everyone comes home everyone is worried sick. They go out searching, I sit and wait.

I watch the door, praying it opens quick!

Time passes by it is now 8 o’clock 700 shares on Facebook and no such luck.

I sit and wonder what if this is it? Are you even out there and was it quick?

I wonder if they took you I wonder if you’re gone for good, will we ever find your body hidden in the mud?

Crying tears of despair, I throw up, I look around me alone and the phone goes.

My heart leaps I wish it was you, but I look, and the message says still no news.

No one can see you no one knows why they search all night while I sit and cry.

Morning comes and now I worry, I worry the next knock at the door will bring a flood.

A flood of tears a flood of heartache I panic, I will hear those words.

“I am sorry we found your child”

I worry the “I am sorry” is not I am sorry we found them drunk.

I worry the “I am sorry” is not I am sorry they were arrested.

I worry the “I am sorry” is we found them dead.

I sit there and cry and weep my tears why did you not come home?

Was it just to punish me? I feel like every second a piece of me is ripped apart.

I feel like there is no hope without you in my heart.

48 hours have passed, I cry and realise the police are saying now is a critical time.

We need to find you now before it is too late most don’t come back after a few days.

Your friends are saying they don’t know and are worried also.

Facebook has now shared you image 8000 times more.

There is still no luck there is still no sign, no one has seen you since that night.

Then there it is the knock on the door my legs go weak, I fall to the floor.

Your little sister runs over and cuddles me quick

She cries with me and asks where you are, my heart breaks even more because you hold her heart.

You are her world I worry I have her destroy it by telling her you’re gone forever.

The police say they think they have found you and I think the worse.

What happened out there? Please take me quickly!

We get to the police station and there you are.

With a smile on your face like you don’t care!

Why did you punish me why did you punish us?

A simple text saying I am okay would have been enough!

You caused this heart ache I thought you were dead!

Yet all the time you were hiding at a friend’s!

You might not see the pain you might not see the worry, but those left behind do.

Your little brother or sister they see the pain they start to worry will they ever see you again.

All it takes is a message 1 simple message I won’t be home tonight don’t worry!

Why is that so hard? Why must you punish us and hide in silence?

While you were having fun without a care we sat there in despair and wondered WHAT IF!


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