Your marks run deep

Poem written by me Billiejo Priestley

Banging, shouting, screaming.
Crying, hiding, praying.
You left marks, so many marks
No one can see them though
So no one understands
Noone believes because
Your marks go so deep
Deeper than my skin
Deeper than my bones
Your marks caused damage
That is beyond my control
You didn’t know you were
You had no idea
But all those days I hide
You left your mark
I grew up too quick
Unable to cope as a child
My life a mess and unbalanced
I thought I survived
But I didn’t because there is still marks
Marks I wish I could scrub out
Like pen on paper, that never comes out
I cried, I hide, you shouted, you yelled.
Fighting and banging, my own living hell
I was marked in a way no one can see
I can’t fight back I hide in fear
I can’t say no because your mark ran too deep
Confrontation makes me run, run as quick as my feet can go
Because your mark went that deep.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. lacyngo says:

    Wow! This is so powerful and beautifully written.


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