What is my next move?

I get asked this a lot recently, what is your next move?  What will you be releasing after Seductive Vibrations?


Well, now that Seductive Vibrations is at the stage where it is being edited I have started a few things, however my next book release is going to be

Finally Free

This story, tells of the trouble two women go through, to be free and live their life together, both afraid of rejection from their families, they have tried to ignore the fact they are drawn to women, faked relationships to please family.

One night while out, Lacey and Robyn meet, the attraction is there, the magnitude of the the lust draws them so close that they can’t escape it, nor deny it.

While Lacey, opens up to her family and get support, Robyn, knows her family will disapprove, so tries to keep it hidden, realising, how happy and free she is when she is with Lacey, she finally tells her family.

Her family are not supportive, they disregard it, tell her it is a choice, but she feels stronger with Lacey then her family.  The story features what it would really be like to tell your friends and family about being a lesbian, along with erotica.


Release date April-May 2018


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