Why is book one so tame?

I keep getting asked this, and there are so many reasons for it, one being Alena’s past, while you see she is keen to try everything, it is Jackson who is on guard and cautious, he is unwilling to push her all the way straight away.

This is Alena’s first relationship with BDSM, so she has never experienced, spanking well not for pleasure anyway. Jackson, himself had hidden his dominate side away, to protect himself and others, he struggled to release his beast as he calls his dominant side.

Now, let’s be honest, you meet a man, and he drives you wild mentally and physically, you catch a glimpse of his dominant side during sex, the way he fucks you. You’re not going to say to the guy, please do your worse, no you’re new to it, so you wait and see, slowly building it up.

Now, with Seductive Vibrations, you will see, Jackson is all about others fantasies, he has already made his possible with is business, so all he wants’ is to dig inside Alena, and pull her fantasy out and help her to achieve it, that is his ultimate goal.

He wants to drive her wild, make her scream, make her beg for her fantasy to happen, in the process, it drags his beast back out of him.
The fact he is willing to let her sleep with a woman (Roxy) say’s it all, the first time Alena, slept with Roxy he wasn’t there watching, he didn’t enjoy it and pleasure himself, he let

her have her fantasy to herself, at least the first time anyway.
At the end you see Alena trying her hardest to get more out of Jackson, to dig his beast out for her own pleasure.

The last scene, is very much BDSM, Pinwheel, BDSM Chair, Gag, Whips, paddle, nipple clamps, electro sex, hot/cold play which is when Alena, finally starts to see the real Jackson, but of course, he is still holding back, unsure about how much she is ready for it.

Book two, brings in a lot more bondage, and degrading, including the words “dirty slut” “fucktoy” etc, along with that there is a scene where Alena is tied to a table, all day, Jackson comes in and out of the room as he feels and either pleasures himself or her, constantly teasing, and leaving her until she reaches the point she can’t take any more and says the safe word.

While Jackson is on a mission, Alena also switches and becomes a Domme, towards Roxy, and even does it in front of an audience at Seductive Vibrations.

Book three and four, will delve deeper, especially into other types of things like animal play etc. Which animal play is in book two, it isn’t full animal play as Alena, doesn’t agree with a cage, dog bowl etc, but she is willing to crawl around on the floor with a collar.
There is a lot more to be introduced, but I didn’t want to throw everything in at once, that would tell you everything, this way you learn along with Alena what sends her wild.

So hopefully that answers the question, it is to slowly build up, like she would in real life never experiencing it, and Jackson being careful because of her past. Oh and because it has been around 12 years since I was a switch so things where a little fuzzy until I unlocked my mind and let it all back in again.

Click the cover to go to the book, if it says unavailable in your country, try searching for it and clicking erotica Amazon, has blocked it from normal searches because of the content.



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