My Goodbye Poem

This poem I am sure many will understand, it was written a long time ago, but still it is in my night stand.


I am writing this letter
but it isn’t meant to be seen
the letter is hidden away
until the time comes
I tell you about life
about the hurt and the pain
The life in which I want to escape
I write this letter in my darkest place
I write it and hope no one sees its face
while writing it I am hoping I can fight off the demons
I write and hope my mind changes its reasons
I don’t want to hurt you but I have to
Pain, misery and utter sadness
If you see this I am sorry
My letter isn’t meant to hurt anybody
I am in my darkest place
I want to escape from it
to some other place
This letter is meant for everyone
But never to be seen.
This is my letter goodbye.
I just hope I can fight this
so it never gets seen.


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