Locked In A Black Hole Poem

copyrighted by billiejo priestley

It feels like glue every time I pull away it springs me back

Why does this hold never loosen or break it’s like the ultimate glue

Those words hurt they slowly killed me inside while I was fighting to stay alive

I struggled for breath until finally I gave up I became what you wanted

It was easier to die inside and conform so the pain you inflicted wouldn’t be so hurtful

I tried to keep it switched on the feelings were too bad dragging me down and down until I switched them off but it only switched off the good not the bad

Left with the bad and no way out I clambered and scraped for a exit a exit from this black hole that was sucking all the good from me.

Pulsing the bad into my mind like a machine that forces you to breathe fighting it till the end till the last breath.

Your darkness may have pulled me down it make have left just darkness in my life but my heart will always be pure.

The darkness may still hold onto me pulling me back but with each pull it weakens one day a light will find its way through and break you.

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