Sneak spoiler, the most emotional part.

So editing one of the books, I was brought to tears, yes I wrote it but in around 6 pages, the whole direction of Jackson and Alena changes.

Finding out she is pregnant, things could not be happier, only within a few hours of finding out Jackson is called back on his mission to leave that night.
They have a moment where they go to a private scan, they see the amazing news on the screen as Alena’s bump is scanned. Family gather and are equally amazed.
Jackson, a mixture of happiness and fear after losing his daughter with his old partner can’t wait to meet his child.
Two weeks later, Jackson does not return. Another week later, a knock at the door confirms the worst. Jackson’s teammate Marcus stood there explaining how Max had somehow been put on the same mission with Jackson.
The issue is, Max knows Jackson and had a plan to get rid of him, the team came back, unable to find Jackson or his body. Alena, breaks down, realising she has to raise their child alone.
Feeling like it is her fault, as Max was part of her life. She struggles through pregnancy with Georgina and Liam by her side, trying to move on from Jackson. She creates a strong bond with Liam, realising how much losing his brother made him grow up.
The connection is so strong will she act on it? Or will she forever hope Jackson really was okay and may soon return?


Seductive Vibrations available now on Amazon.


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  1. Hey why don’t you advertise your book on the blog?


    1. I do every now and then post the link on the bottom of a blog post, I enjoy writing the blog so often forget about advertising the book.

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      1. On my blog I have a page called “Books by me…” you could have a page that shows the cover with the description. I would read your book.


      2. Thank you, I will do that never thought of having a page with just the books on.

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