Another battle for little Mia

She seems to take everything in her stride, life throws so much crap at Mia and at the age of 7, she has experienced a lot.  She is still her usually cheeky happy self though!

So Mia has always suffered from lung problems, collapsed lungs, severe asthma and has been minutes away from doctors putting her on Life support.

She is the poorly one out of the Twins and since around 4 weeks old been in and out of the hospital.

While Elysa her twin was walking Mia was still not crawling, While Elysa could talk Mia could not.  Mia learnt to count to 20 Mia struggled to count to 5.

Now Mia is 7, and in year 2, she was 4 months ago working towards the level Reception are when they go into year one.

A few months ago she formed Trich, she is pulling her hair out a lot so has to wear a bandana to school.


Now, this is to try to stop her pulling at school, however, we learnt she is taking it off certain times during the day to pull her hair!
Last night parents evening was a disaster, the teacher said straight we are seriously concerned regarding Mia, we know she has the hair condition however she is regressing, she isn’t moving forward with her work she’s going backwards. When she was asked what 2 more than 3 was she genuinely looked confused when a few weeks ago not a problem.
Her writing is going backwards, her reading and spellings as well, for some reason everything she has learnt is slowly leaving her 😦 The teacher explained she no longer sits still, she fidgets, she can’t keep quiet and often sits and plays with anything at her table distracting others.
It seems she is the one child who is getting everything thrown at her. It is amazing, how one twin can be so Amazing, Elysa’s teacher had nothing bad to say just praise, how amazing she is, she read me her own story she wrote in class and clearly is a very well advanced girl. She is a little girl who will sit and explain things to children struggling in class and help the teacher!
So more appointments for Mia, she already gets seen so many times now she has got yet another issue to contend with when we find out what the illness is.

Here is a video of her hair being dried you can see the bald patches better this way.

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