Two Hours On One Erotica Scene. Plus Sneak Peak At Book Two!

o book one is off to a flying start. It now has over 400 Kindle downloads in just over a week! Totally smashing it, the book even made it to top 3 best sellers for erotica at one point! Go me right!
So book two has a release date!! Yes crazy right, it can now be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Yesterday was such an amazing day just totally crazy! No idea what happened but I went from being like can today end to by 11 pm I was bouncing on my bed screaming with joy and not in a sexual way either!

I got it confirmed book 2 is available for pre-sale.
I then got 2 amazing videos created, yes one needs a bit of tweaking but the second video (below) Just wow the feeling from watching it makes me so excited!

So anyway. Ready for the release of book two I am once again going through and reading and editing to make sure it sounds good. I spent over two hours on one erotica scene.
Book one starts off slow, Alena is new to all this sort of stuff, however, book two totally rocks the boat!

I don’t want something Vanilla, I also don’t want a book that gives you everything instantly. Where is the fun in that? You know everything from the start, you know what the submissive likes and dislikes what they are and are not willing to do.

So while Seductive Vibrations Book One, has erotica scenes, with things like butt plugs, and nipple clamps. There is so much more, Alena has not actually fulfilled the role of a true submissive.

It is like real life, someone who has never delved into BDSM would not meet a partner and instantly turn into the perfect submissive, it would take time especially if that partner left his Dom years behind him and assumed she would have no interest.

So what can you expect in book two? A lot more sex, a lot more submissive scenes, a switch in the roles! Plus more terrors from the past coming to haunt them!

The videos are below! I love them minus a few spelling errors. Right at the bottom is screenshot images of part of Book Two. You can get a sense of the book and how far it is going to go from them.
The scene is the first real one where Jackson allows his inner Dom to come out to play.

I will say this, a warning do not read if you’re squeamish, thought of anal scares you or you run at the thought of dog collars!

Video One

Video Two

So please be aware, there may be some grammar errors as it has yet to be proofread!  This is just so those who read book one and, are waiting for book two can have a small taste of it.

pages 3-4pages1-2


Buy Book One Here:


Book to on presale here:

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