Q&A Questions from my facebook followers

So some of these questions I considered not answering.  There is a few I have not answered because they go passed a personal level I can not share.


So the way it works, I will copy the question here and put the answer below.

Q: Am I right in thinking Alena switches and becomes Dom towards Jackson in book 2?

A: I can say no she does not become a Dom with Jackson as the submissive however there is a chance she does become a Dom.


Q: Can a erotica story be written as one book or a short story?

A: Yes, obviously you need to find your main focus before starting as you don’t want to finish the book and feel like so much is missing.


Q: When are you doing more blogs with words to use?

A: I try to do one or two like this a week, as most know I was ill for a week so my blog posts stopped.


Q: Is it true Alena gets with Liam?

A: I will say, without spoiling the story at some point something happens, why or when however you will need to wait and see.


Q: Where is Max?  Was it is jacket?

A: Max has not gone, as you will find out in book two.  The jacket was Max’s how it got there is revealed by himself in book three.


Q: Can you make Georgina and Liam get together?

A: No, I can’t make 2 characters get together if the books are already written however you might find they do you might also find they don’t


Q: Do you research things before writing erotic scenes?

A: My knowledge is good, however like anyone, checking things is not a bad thing so yes I do sometimes look things up to make sure my definition is right.


Q: Is Roxy in book 2?

A: Yes Roxy is in book 2


Q: Do they get married?

A: I won’t answer this, I think saying no would tell you how the story ends and if I said yes it would.  So wait and be surprised.


Q: Does Jackson die when he leaves in book 2?

A: No! Jackson comes back with a twitchy hand for Alena


This question I was not sure about answering, because whether the answer was yes or no it was still personal!

Q: When writing erotic scenes do you ever get horny?

A: I won’t say yes, and I won’t say no.  I will say however like the last Q&A I can’t write a scene without sitting and putting myself in Alena’s shoes.  It would be impossible to an erotic scene and not place yourself there.


Q: Can you do a Jackson’s version?  So we see his side of things?

A: This might happen, it would take time as I would have to write it word for word or close to Alena’s just from his view.  Missing parts could confuse those who read Alena’s view.


Another personal question I was considering not answering.

Q: Is this your fantasy your have written down?

A: I can say that certain aspects are not my fantasy, and certain ones are.  However, I will leave it at that and let you assume which ones are which.

Question 2 from the same person.

Q: Would you walk away from a relationship to get your fantasy?

A: No, I think if your in a relationship you should work together to help each other get what they want it isn’t always possible but relationships should not be lost because you can’t


Question 3 from the same person. Again very personal but going to answer it without to much details


Q: Are you a submissive or been one? if so when and how long for and why and who with?

A: I have been yes, I won’t go into when, who with and the why is pretty easy, because I enjoy it.  So yes I have.


Q: Would a place like Seductive Vibrations be legal and could you open one?

A: I have no idea, it would be like a swingers club, but different obviously.  I am not entirely sure.  As for could I open one, no I highly doubt it even if it was legal, I wold go not relax for worry that someone would miss use the business.


Q: How many books are there?

A: There is 5 books in total 4 still to be released.


Q: Can anyone write erotica?

A: I would say yes, if you can in your mind imagine your character, and not think eww no put that dog collar down then yes.  Not all erotica has to be hard core though.  You can easily write a vanilla one.  Something you and your partner might do in the bed room playing around.


Q: Isn’t Jackson really a pimp based on the book?  I mean who runs a business where people go for sex so???

A: No, a pimp is someone who makes money from someone else having sex or similar, that pays him to do it.  Jackson does not recruit the people that go to Seductive Vibrations.  They go there on their own accord, they don’t give a penny to him or to the other parties involved in the scenes.  Yes they can make donations and buy items but in no way is he a pimp like Alena thought at first.


Q: Can I write my story and put it online for free where no one needs to pay?

A: Yes, there is wattpad, voice and similar websites where you can post your work and have people read it.  Often it can lead to your earning a small amount of money as well.



Q: What is the hardest thing you face while writing?

A: Getting horny!  No just kidding, that was a joke.  Finding space to do it, I tend to write all the vanilla parts throughout the day, with the kids etc.  The erotic parts I can only do at night.  Considering one scene takes me around 2 hours to write maybe longer it means a lot of late nights!


I have a lot more in my inbox, I will get through them and do a weekly Q&A for you all.

Personal questions I will try avoid as much as possible if I think they are asking for to much info.






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