The truth behind erotica

When people hear the word, erotic book, and erotica they instantly think porn or sex.  Some see it as sleazy and cheap, others call authors bad names, or judge them based on what they write.


I have myself had a few messages since talking about my book, when I first said I was publishing a erotic book I got support.  I also got messages about how wrong it is, disgusting, think of your children, do you have no shame, it is cheap and tacky, your only writing that cause your not creative enough to write a full story without sex.

Yes, I had all that and more!  I lost Facebook followers and friends but in the end it didn’t matter.  To me they had their eyes closed, they refuse to see the truth in life and the truth about our books!

So let’s look at it is tacky, why do people think that?  Just because we talk about sex, and been tied up in everyway possible during foreplay does not make us tacky!  Most erotic books are actually amazing!

Your only writing that because your not creative enough to write a full story without sex.

Okay this one is just like, WHAT? Sure because creating a sex scene is not been creative. How about writing 10 sex scenes in one book, so each one is different and, stands out for it’s own reason? Sure you can write about the vampire 10 times in a book eating someone but each time has to be different right?

I mean imagine reading a book where every time the vampire feed it read.  He jumped down, landed behind his victim hr grabbed him by the hair, pulling him back so he had access to his neck. He then bit down hard drinking every last ounce of blood.

Imagine that every time the vampire fed….Boring!

Same goes for erotic scenes! How about this one.

His hand slid down her side and across to her peaks, where he slowly and playfully pulled them,  his tongue devoured her core, making her scream and her juices run free into his mouth.

May sound good right? But would it be that good if each scene was the same?  Nope!

You see while we write these scenes, we actually have to imagine ourselves there, we have to put ourselves in the characters shoes and feel what they feel! If we didn’t it would sound more like his.

His hands ran down her side, over to her breasts where he pulled them. His tongue licked her pussy making her orgasm.

If you are not in the mindset to write erotica you won’t do amazing!  Fact is writing erotic scenes is hard, you can’t just throw anything down.  You have to set the mood before, you have to build up but you also have to finish it well!

So no writing anything erotic does not mean we don’t have imagination in fact we have some of the best imaginations ever!

It’s disgusting think about your children.  Sorry do you leave your aged 18+ books lying around where your kids can see?  Cause I sure as hell don’t.  Sure someone might buy it and leave it there and their child see my name.  Does that mean they know my kids?  No.

Now I could understand if I had books piled everywhere, with my filthy cover as one person described it.  But I don’t, I don’t write erotic scenes around my kids either.  My kids can only be hurt by it if someone else is irresponsible and let’s their child see it enough to know what it is and contact my kids!

Do I have no shame?  This one makes me laugh, to assume someone that writes these books has no shame?  Really because surely there is worse things we could do.  For one we are not stood there forcing you to read our stories.  We are not forcing you to buy them, it is a choice why should we feel shameful because you don’t like what we write?


So all in all, erotica is amazing, it is something that takes up a lot of our mind, we can’t just sit and write without thinking and planning.  We have to plan we can’t just write a story and throw in sex scenes anywhere it has to go well.

Erotica is amazing, it  helps people get into another world, see things from other angles and learn new things!  How many books have characters damaged and into BDSM making it look like anyone in BDSM is damaged?  A lot.  My book points out, that most people into BDSM are actually pretty sane and smart!

So while you may not agree with us writing erotica, or should I say, filth, dirty and nasty as you call it.  We do, and millions stand by us!  You might not agree with this, we might not agree with books about aliens.  Everyone’s preference is different but that preference is what makes reading so amazing and books from all genres sell.

Today my book finally published, while most have been good responses some have been nasty, but as I said I don’t hate them, I won’t shout at them I just see them as having their eyes closed and not seeing the truth.

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