Overcoming the first hurdle of writing erotica

What a week!  So my book should have been published long ago!  But no chance.

Paid a editor and proofreader, thought great when it came back and rushed to add it to Amazon.  It was one big mistake!  Okay not one, but like thousands upon thousands of mistakes!


Why?  Well, let’s just say within 5 minutes of it been live, I got a negative review.  Yes that is right  within 5 minutes and not a single person had purchased it.


So, why did I get the bad review?  Well I would like to thank my editor/proofreader for that one!  The review basically read, It is impossible to read, errors all over the sample, doesn’t flow and the grammar is putting me off.

I panicked.  I took to Facebook I have a large following on there, Posting help someone check my book please.  Yes one by one each one replied, awful, spellings, grammar, makes no sense.

Looking at her edited version that I uploaded, it was worse then mine!  I quickly unpublished it.  I didn’t want anyone buying it in that condition!  I actually then went and deleted it completely as well!

I was ashamed and embarrassed to say the least, not only that but had I not been so frantic to watch the sales rise I wouldn’t have noticed.  That could have been my books downfall and punisher!

Imagine that, a book that would sell thousands diminishing into a thousand pieces due to a professional not doing a good job!

So I had a wonderful women on facebook help me, we worked and got it in an amazing condition!  I have given some free books out on facebook in PDF form and the reviews are rolling in good and fast.  So far no negative.


When asked how it compares to books like 50 shades and is it one of those books people are saying are just another 50 shades copy?


The feedback was amazing!

“Nothing like it, story line is phenomenal.  When is number 2 been released?”

“Story lines grab’s my attention but my word the sex scenes keep me reading!”

“Seductive Vibrations?  Where can I find one, please say there is places like this in our world?”

“A whole other level, I was not expecting that twist at all two is company 3 is fun”


So when and how can you buy it?  Right now it is currently in review on amazon!  So keep searching Seductive Vibrations and soon enough it will show!

For those who have asked, Seductive Vibrations is the name of Jackson’s business and it is quite a hot spot.

So this is why my blog posts have ceased all of a sudden, I have been working on fixing the errors made by the editor.

You can read more about Seductive Vibrations by clicking the image below.




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