Let’s talk about Jackson (Seductive Vibrations)

Everyone want’s to know more about Jackon! So here is a bit about Jackson you won’t find out in the books. Yes, some of it is in there, but in very brief details, when talking about the past. Why him, why his past, why not Liam?
Let’s be honest, when you read the book, your first thoughts will be. Alena and Liam are so suited for each other! True as it may be Jackson is the one to bring her out her shell and make her experience life how she should do.
Jackson has a past, his past comes back in Seductive Vibrations book one. It comes back with vengeance and tries to ruin him.
Jackson, is in the Navy, when he meets Alena at her birthday party. He is having time away from the Navy as his contract has ended. The last thing he expected, was to meet someone like Alena. Someone who has him wanting her at any cost, even if it meant losing his brother.
Jackson’s past is messy. His business Seductive Vibrations he has had for years, he met his ex Caroline after he had opened Seductive Vibrations. However, their relationship struggled through a rocky stage. Which lead to the death of Jackson’s sister and Caroline never to be seen again.
Alena resembles Caroline only in her looks though, which is why Jackson is so drawn to her.
Every sexual encounter they have, Alena always want’s more she always feels there is something missing!
Chained to the bed? Not enough, How about throwing a 3rd person into the mix? Still not enough!
She is greedy when it comes to sex and Jackson loves that about her, he loves that she is willing to try anything so that her sex life feels complete.
So that is why Jackson and not Liam, yes, Liam and Alena might sound like a perfect match, but Alena’s need for more in the bedroom and in life means Liam can’t be her perfect partner. She see’s Liam as a brother, not a lover, but with Jackson the magnet is there forcing them together.
You would think after trying out so many new idea’s in her sex life she would be satisfied but no! She still want’s more, and there is a lot more to come in book two.

So here is a sneak preview at one of their scenes in the book.
“You can either strip or you can stand there fully clothed, but believe me, it’ll feel much better without clothes on.” He said as I started removing my clothing. Him being so dominative made me want to obey him. I stood there fully naked, wondering what would happen next.
He led me over to the chair and my heart began to race. I looked at him with fear and excitement in my eyes.
He kissed me, pulling me into him and I found my hands wandering all over his body.
He pushed me down on the chair, his lips kissing my neck and slowly moving down to my breasts. His lips followed down until they settled in between my legs. His tongue gently licked me, savouring my taste.
His hands put the restraints around my wrists, tightening them so I couldn’t get out. His lips moved from in between my legs and slowly started kissing down my thigh until he got to my ankles and then he spread my legs.
He strapped my ankles to the chair. It wasn’t a normal chair, there wasn’t a seat. I was balanced on my legs at the top so there was nothing below me but open space, giving him easy access.
He began walking around me, his fingers trailing over my body, sending bolts of lightning through me at his touch.
“At any time, if you’ve had enough, please make me aware.” He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back kissing my lips passionately.
He walked around the room, gathering things he needed. A whip, a paddle and nipple clamps, along with vibrators and other items that I didn’t know the names of.
“When I use something on you, I’ll tell you what it is.” He said, placing the items on the table next to me.
I looked at them, unable to see or make out what a lot of it was. I looked at him waiting, wondering what he was going to do first.
He bent down and kissed my neck, biting my ear and leaving a trail of kisses along my collarbone.
He reached one of my breasts and sucked it gently.
“Ready?” He asked, and I nodded in response


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