You have OCD 7 years later it was wrong.

Pregnant with twins 7 1/2 years ago took a strain on my body, health and mental health.

I realised I was constantly unable to stop touching my hair to the point I would feel a slight lump where the hair was broken and snap the broke piece off.

Sounds crazy right?  I thought so as well, I figured it was a new bad habit I had but then I realised sometimes I did not even notice I was doing it until I kind of woke up from my trance with hairs all over me.

Split ends were my nightmare and delight!  I could spend hours finding slit ends and literally splitting them!


The doctor instantly said I had OCD that was brought on by pregnancy and should go after!  Yippee I thought not long to go now however after they were born things did not get better they got worse!

Years went by well seven years to be exact of me believing I had OCD.  When one night I noticed my daughter literally pulling her hair out not one strand but several at a time over and over!

Panic took me and I thought I am sure I have heard of this before.  So off to the doctors we went where the doctor confirmed she has trichotillomania.

Her beautiful hair was a disaster!


Now I read, read and read articles after articles on how to help her and to be honest they were all pretty useless they all concluded it is near impossible for someone with trichotillomania to stop.

So I was shocked, there was techniques that might help but the chances where very, very, low.  So it looked like a high possibility that she would have to live with this for life.

Reading more and more about it I learnt trichotillomania comes in many forms, nail biting, nose picking, lip biting, cheek biting, skin picking hair pulling, hair picking, hair cutting! and split ends splitting.

I sat there looking reading the facts and realised I don’t have OCD.  I spoke to someone who is just like me and she confirmed they was wrongly diagnosed with OCD as well to then be told it was a form of trichotillomania.


Now looking at the different types of trichotillomania I know I am a big nail biter to the point it goes to far down and is painful as hell, I know I also often bite my lips so much they blend or do the same to inside my cheeks!

So what now?  Well firstly I am actually grateful that I have trichotillomania it mean’s my daughter won’t feel like she is the only one suffering from it.

Second I wasted just over 7 years believing I had OCD 7 years!  That is a lot of time I took drugs that clearly didn’t help for the reason I did not have OCD.

So don’t always assume doctors get it right sometimes they look at you, see your pregnant and instantly think it is OCD brought on by pregnancy.

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