Words that go perfectly in erotica books.

So something I get asked a lot what words can be used?  It depends on your book entirely.  If you describe the women as quiet, shy and a virgin it is highly unlikely she is going to use the word cock!

So let’s see what words you can use for the male’s parts.  What you don’t want is every time you refer to it say the same word every time.  A book that constantly calls his penis a cock will get boring.  You also do not want every time you say it to use a entirely new word you have not.

For instance his cock was exposed and I moved forward grabbing his shaft in a tight vice I suddenly lowered my head towards his Stalk and let my tongue trail down his penis.

To many words to quickly, Sure change it up but don’t aim to use every single word to describe one body part in one book.

So what can you describe or call the males penis?

  1. Scrotum – I slowly lowered my head towards his Scrotum.
  2. Balls – I grabbed his balls in a tight embrace.
  3. Shaft – I lowered myself slowly allow his shaft to enter me.
  4. Groin – I moved down towards his groan as I liked my lips in delight.
  5. Package – His package was there for all to see whether they chose to or not.
  6. Sack – I slowly licked around his sack before sucking it into my mouth gently.
  7. Rod – His rod stood up mighty and proud for me to inspect.
  8. Stalk – I walked to him and could see his stalk there ready and waiting for me.
  9. Dick – His dick was there ready teasing and taunting me.
  10. Cock – I slowly sucked the tip of his cock into my mouth savouring the taste.

Other words include these however fitting them into writing can become harder.

  1. Manhood
  2. His
  3. testicles
  4. phallus
  5. Lingam
  6. Organ
  7. Appendage
  8. Arousal
  9. His Length
  10. Staff
  11. Member
  12. Easy Rider
  13. Piston
  14. Wanger
  15. Hammer.


Now lets look at what a women’s can be called.

  1. Flower – I looked at her admiring her slower as the pollen dripped from inside I was the honeybee.
  2. Bud – I lowered myself so my mouth was inches away from her bud.
  3. Slit- My tongue slowly swiped up her slit collecting her juices.
  4. Her Core – I ran my fingers down her stomach until I reached her core where she was waiting for me.
  5. Mouth of her arousal – My tongue teased and tasted at her mouth of arousal as she moaned with pleasure.
  6. Clit – I slowly let my tongue play around her clit making her grab a fistful of hair and pushing me further in.
  7. Pussy – She moved onto me lowering her pussy onto my shaft as she looked at me with innocent eyes.
  8. Pink pearl – I was blessed to have her I realised as I relished in her pink pearl.
  9. Folds – She was amazing her fingers slid between her folds showing my her passage.
  10. Pool of moisture – I moved down until I was met by her pool of moisture.

Some other words are also

  1. Labia
  2. Box
  3. Crevice
  4. Honey pot
  5. inner lips
  6. The heart of her femininity
  7. Her Sex
  8. Her essence
  9. Her Centre
  10. Crease
  11. Orifice
  12. Mons
  13. Canal
  14. C*nt not often used
  15. Vulva
  16. Clitoris
  17. Mound
  18. Womb
  19. Yoni
  20. Junction of her thighs
  21. Her entrance
  22. Sheath
  23. Groin
  24. Love button
  25. Bean

Now this list is not final I am sure you can instantly think of one I have missed so please comment and I will add them.


The important thing to remember is the word used should be relevant to your story and that exact scene!  If they are doing it hard-core saying something like her soft flower was so delicate won’t sound right where as saying her core was flowing with flavour begging to be touched would fit better.


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