Seductive Vibrations.


Alena is introduced to Jackson by Liam her flatmate. As she gazes into his eyes she can feel the fire building in her stomach. Never has she felt this before, her lips slowly part as she melts at the thought of his lips pressing against hers. Shaking herself she rids the picture from her mind, thinking, he won’t want me, I’m just a university student. He has a career in the Navy our lives are worlds apart.

She is shocked when she learns that in fact he does want her. For some reason he is so attracted to her he just can’t say no, even if it means losing his brother.
When Jackson reveals his business Seductive Vibrations, every sense of her being is screaming at her to run, but something is drawing her in even closer.

Love is present no matter how much Alena tries to veil from it. So much so that he plagues her dreams. She is intoxicated by him, and she loves it. He shows her a world she never knew about, a world that shows her there is so much more to pleasure than a comfy bed and a man.

Coming Soon




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