How I Became To Write Erotic Novels



I have always written for as long as I can remember.  Writing was my form of release to express my feelings and life around me.


In school I had won a competition for my poem and it was also featured in a book I loved writing growing up and sadly lost touch of it as I got older.

Children, family, home commitments and other things got in the way.  Years ago I began Seductive Vibrations, I knew the story line and which parts would go into which books I wanted it to be amazing not just sex but not just action.

After years of not writing things turned and I have again found writing as my release for my feelings.

So I thought I would help others by answering some of the common questions I get asked daily about writing erotic novels and fiction.

So question one: How do I find time?

How do we find time to do anything for ourselves when we have family?  We make cut backs on other stuff we enjoy doing so we have time to write.  No I don’t stop everything I love to write these stories but I do cut back the amount of time I spend on them.

Question two: How can you write sex scenes with kids running around?

I don’t that is the last thing you want to do as you need to feel it as you write it you will tell someone who just threw a few sexual sentences together and someone who actually sat there concentrating thinking about what they would do or what they would expect the character to do.

Question Three: How do you think of sex scenes and what happens.

It is called imagination that mixed with things you have experienced yourself!  Use what you know and write it out adding to it so it is not your sex story but the characters.

There is no harm in writing a scene based on a night you enjoyed yourself and editing it so it doesn’t sound exactly the same.

Question Four: Do you have to have a fantasy.

This depends on the person some people use their fantasy in their stories it is a way of acting it out but as a character others don’t have them so don’t use it.

Question Five: How much sex is to much?

None, you can not have a erotic novel with to much sex, it isn’t possible however there is a very fine line between erotic novel and a porn book..

Question Six how many sex scenes?

Again this is your choice and varies from story to story.

Do you want there to be one or two big scenes and small ones you don’t build up as much?  Would you rather have a good detailed scene in each chapter?  Some erotic novels have minimal while others have a lot.

Question Seven: Is there such thing as to much info?

No you can never give the readers to much information but if you book features something like golden showers or Alabama hot pocket these scenes may turn users off your book.  So make sure somewhere in the description it states it is used.

There is a audience for these acts and similar but some would be put off a book reading about it.

Question Eight: Long or short?

That is your choice a story varies from author to author as does the amount of words and chapters they use.  If you plan on writing a erotic novel that is going to fill up thousands of pages and has a story line that keeps going separate them.

Question Nine: Do the characters matter?

Yes it is highly unlikely the hottest girl in school falls for the least attractive guy and he turns out to be into BDSM and all things kinky think realistically what would you readers like to imagine?  Would they like to imagine a girl with braces and big glasses?  Some would but would they all?  It comes down to who you want to attract to your book what your characters should be like.


Tomorrow I will be adding a post on how to write the perfect sex scene and some words you can use!  Ask your questions below and I will try to answer them.



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  1. librepaley8 says:

    Even though this is an older post, must give it a Like. Recognise so much in your thoughts and circumstances.


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