Goodbye Old Life Hello New

Many tears have been shed and I will never get those tears back so much time wasted that I have lost forever.  I tried for years to be independent and show I did not need anyone.  I did amazing, I then slipped and tried getting close to family.


The results was heartbreak, tears, upset, fights and depression.  I wasted time I won’t get back when it was clearly years ago I would never get a foot in and actually feel at home.


So today is my start my new year!  No more family just my kids no more hassle no more been taken for a fool and treated like rubbish.


My focus is my children, my business bargain bizarre and myself.  No one at all matter if you do not fit into those 3 things your in my old life.  I no longer have time for that life.  I have no tears left over for that life.


Sometimes it takes walking into a situation to realise how very wrong it is for you and your children.  I lost sight of what was important, I was chasing a family I would never get, I was chasing what everyone else in the family seems to have that I don’t, I was chasing something that is impossible to reach.


As I chased and wasted time I forgot about what matters, Me and my kids our lives ourselves no one else.  I lost myself I don’t recognise the person I am looking at there was a time I would stand up for myself and speak my mind but I sat quiet and just let people fool me.


Today is the end of my old life, tomorrow is the start of my new one and the people who matter and are in it are under my roof right now.


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