A Child Angel Looking Out For Children

How can I describe it?  How can anyone possibly describe a 6 year old trying to make sick kids happy?


How can anyone explain how amazing it is for a 6year old to offer her Christmas presents to sick children?


My daughter is truly amazing!  What she is doing won’t change the world but it shows people there is good out there!  It inspires others to do things better in life!


If a 6 year is willing to not watch television for two weeks to raise money to give sick kids in hospital Christmas eve boxes why can’t everyone do something nice?


It makes me cry it really does I am blessed with 5 wonderful children and she just totally melts my heart she does everything for others she is so caring and loving!  She wrote this letter she wants to get copied and send to all the kids in hospital at Christmas.  Translation below it.




Yes you might notice a spelling mistake or two especially with the word Pennies where she writes Penis but she tried!  So here is what her letter says.


Dear Children.

I hope you feel better soon. I am Elysa I raised money to make you Christmas boxes.  If you do not get a box it is because I didn’t get enough PENNIES so let me know and I will send you one of my presents.

Lots Of Love Elysa.


Amazing right?  A 6year old willing to give her Christmas presents away!  I explained to her it will cost a lot more then £500 to make enough boxes for all the kids in hospital.  And there will be a few hundred that won’t receive boxes.  So it won’t be possible to give every child a present from hers this year!

She is truly amazing an inspiration how can this 6 year old not make you want to do good?


Click the image below to see her go fund me page  Even if you can’t donate you can share right?  I mean if a 6year old is willing to give up her Christmas presents why can you not hit share?



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