Sorry to my followers

I have not been on in so long I felt like I had nothing interesting to talk about.  Like I was wasting people’s time posting on the blog to start reading and not enjoy what I blog about.


So what has happened?  I can not even remember my last blog post I had to look the last one was about dating sites, the one before about parents who run away from their children and what they miss!


So at the time of my last post I was homeless with my 5 kids living at my dads house.  I found it hard to come on to talk things were not easy.  It never would be going back home especially trying to squeeze yourself and 5 kids into 2 bedrooms.

We got a puppy a gorgeous Lhasa Apso that we called Marshmellow it was the better name it was either that or Pikachu lol I will do a new blog post just on this little guy!



So in August there was a knock at my dads door from a women from the local council offering me a house! I would have taken any house like seriously I needed my own space.  So I got everything I needed and went straight to the housing office and booked to view the house the next day.  The next day I viewed the house with the intention to take it no matter what.  I was shocked it was lovely, All the rooms decorated minus the bathroom, and a bit of painting needed in the kitchen.

Only issue?  The living room is tiny which I can live with but now realising where will my Christmas tree go?  The small bedroom is small you get a bed in there and a set of draws and nothing else and even then you can’t open the door fully!


But it was perfect so I took it there and then I said yes I signed for it the next day I got the keys and started moving my stuff in straight away.

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So we moved in and got settled in I bought a new table!  Kids first Breakfast and sunday dinner in the house!



Instantly I felt better things change everything change my attitude I again had hope.

Living at my dads my businesses suffered a lot I am still trying to get them up and running.  I will be doing a blog post about them so please share if your able to!


I am still gamble free.  Every now and then a advert on facebook for Double Bubble slot game will pop up and it will remind me how quickly I could win it makes me think maybe I should try again and that I won’t keep going I can stop!  But fact is I don’t want to throw away 10 months!  10 Months of not gambling I vowed this year the kids would be spoilt 100%  everything that they have been through they deserve it.  I need to make up for my failings and cuddling kissing and loving them is enough but to me It does not feel like enough.


Sophia bless she is only three she saved up all her pocket money any pennies I gave her or that others gave her.  She saved up over £100 to buy herself this lovely doll house!



Live has changed so much and for the better I feel more in control of my life like before I was not controlling my life things around me where.


So things are going great!  I am happier things are finally looking better.

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