Lets talk about Marshmellow

He is perfect in a way he is like my baby!  Weird I know I have 5 kids and they will always be my babies but now even my youngest who is 3 makes me aware she is not a baby.


So we got marshmellow while I was homeless living at my dads he made the kids so happy and to be honest he made me happy!  So I did not see him I did not go get him!  He was picked up and I got pictures of the puppies available and this is the first picture I seen and I could not say no!  He was like a bundle of fluff!



The kids got attached and over the months he has grown he is spoilt totally I get all his food from tails here is a look feel free to take a look they are amazing they make food based on your dogs breed size and even diet!  If a dog has allergies they work to provide something that is safe but still gives them then best nutrient’s for their age. click here


Here is some more pictures of Marshmellow’s life so far.


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