Dating is hard do sites help?? My review

So I decided to try two sites most people know about. 
Plenty of fish and match. Com
Now we all know they are free but very limited until you upgrade. 

But is it harder if your a women looking for a women?? Or a man looking for a man??
So before I set it up for women interested in women I tried women looking for man. 
plenty of fish?? Instantly got notifications love the fact you get a app.

But sort lived because you need to upgrade to do so much!!  However it’s fairly priced. 
So I upgraded within 12 hours my upgrade was gone called to see why and be told it was a safety measure they cancelled the transition to avoid fraud but I could do it again without it been cancelled. 
However it took 8 working days for my money to go into the bank from my diary attempt.
Now I had full features I enjoyed the app a lot.   I learnt how to block very quickly.   The search is lacking it needs more options but I like the fact you can scroll through as many members hitting ✔❌ or swiping your interest. 
In the first day I must have had over 100 messages granted 50% were inappropriate however that is a good amount to receive.

It seemed too work very well I did not like the fact if you sent a picture in messages it had to be added to your profile!  However I guess that’s to try stop the naked messages been sent. 

 It has a flirt bottom that sends a message to the person saying hey there. 

I can certainly see why so many would be successful with pof.
Now when I switched to women interested in women I knew what to do.   It was the exact same. 
Less responses but still some more and a lot of women on it looking for women. 

 A lot of women point out there won’t reply if you hit the flirt button. 

So for me overall plenty of fish. 

Search 5/10

Variety of people 10/10

Ease of use 9/10

Price 8/10

Profile options and questions 7/10
So match .Com 

Now this one I’m not so sure about. 

It is high priced then after upgrading it gives you the option to upgrade higher so none upgrades can message you!

To me if you upgrade it should include that. 

For a women seeking man there was so many you can do local search and hundreds shows up. 
Again so many responses from men you get a wink function which is like flirt on plenty of fish but doesn’t message them. 

 Again I can see this been successful. 
However switching to women seeking women I was disappointed I would not have paid knowing how lacking it is.
Apparently there is only 8 women on the site in a 50ml radios seeking a women just 8!!
Then you can look through a list but most are not even in the UK!!  The like dislike that plenty of fish has match. Com has but it is limited to 100 every 24 hours so you can view 100 then have to wait. 
It appears in over 48 hours maybe only 3 people seem to be active within 100 miles of me I have messaged a few but majority are not active or upgraded. 

Search is amazing so many options. 

Overall for match. Com

Search 10/10

 Variety of people straight 10/10 lesbians 5/10

Ease of use 8/10

Price 6/10 I dislike the fact you have to pay more for all features. 

Profile options and questions 8/10
For me plenty of fish all the way for women seeking women there seems to be so many more women on it. 
Women seeking men it’s a draw because there is so many benefits of both and both lack in areas the others are better at. 
However I will not continue my subscription for match. Com as for me seeking a women it is pretty useless. 

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